About Ken

Hi, I’m a mature aged “get healthy” guy who has hoped that all I do in life could lead to better health, after during part of my younger days, some of my actions were not likely to contribute to longer, energetic living. Mostly consuming more than needed, as a result my weight became uncomfortable. So I reduced my weight and learned about foods, nutrition and balance. Then the biggie, I was a smoker. This site is all about quitting smoking easily as I did 29 years ago successfully.


As above I’m here to share my journey to giving up the habit of smoking cigarettes. You all know what they mean to you, and I was no doubt the same. Initially my motivation for stopping smoking was the cost. Way back then they were $1.13 a packet and I could not afford that anymore in my family budget.

I began researching the topic and found in a magazine advert there was an audio tape I could get and listen to each day and become a non-smoker. The investment was equivalent to 20 packs of cigarettes. So in about 3 weeks I could recoup the investment if I quit.

I did all that and a year later after not smoking, I formulated a series of goals to put together my own program from what I remembered of the process added some technical research and mixed with my own passion to help others began to market a freshly created product. Now on MP3, the original master tape I created at a recording studio with an exceptional-voiced friend, my final product. The Non-Smoker Program.


Giving up smoking is easy, but it’s certainly a switch not easy to turn off in our daily habitual routine. As we know, habits are habits. A process developed over a 3 week or so period doing something each day. And add the Nicotine, the drug that seems to block off the simple quit process.

This method works. When someone knows that something can work, there is a big desire to share with others. So if that’s you allow me to encourage you to go down this path, do your research and give it a go. The rest of your “healthy” life is ahead.



I aim here to develop an online tool so I can reach all those who’d like to be free of the smoking habit and set up a big way not only for better health but to boost your cash flow for more worthwhile spending.

Ken Shaddock