Reasons to Quit Smoking

Your Reasons To Quit

Whether you want to quit smoking for your health, your skin, your finances, your family and even grand children, it’s worth trying.

If you google the support to quit smoking you will find many ways to attemp a quit solution. Much to research there to find quit smoking help.

It all comes back to you in the end. Formulate your reasons to quit smoking.

The Methods to Quit

Research your method and commit to it. Put the appropriate time frame they promote for the method and stick with it and you can be a non smoker.  Those benefits you seek in the process will begin to come to pass.

Rewards after Quitting

Your finance improvement will be immediate, your better skin in months, your clear lungs around two years. I know the taste of foods immediate, your breathing resiliance better too in a short time.

The Method to Quit Here

My method is a 14 day or less process from smoker to non-smoker using a proven self hypnosis audio program requiring 29 minutes a day to simply listen to the messages thereon.

It all comes back to the desire level of the person wanting to quit. I know people wanting to are not sure how to go about it, with all the methods around. Success stories for some and others where smokers tried a method which failed. All methods work it seems, so the variation is about the person.

I guess it may be funding, action and determination. Good visualisation is also important. See yourself not having go out and spend, and plan the direction for the savings.

The Non-Smoker Program here is easy, with no effort on the smokers part except to remember the daily listen of the re-progamming audio.

The subconscious mind, then influenced, creates a new script as a non smoker. The nicotene dependency is turned off too. And there are no side effects.

Take a look here

You’ll find as you click through, the offer is for the download of the MP3  audio file for yourself.  The fee is $49 AUD, less than $35 USD paid via Paypal. The down load is straight away, following payment.

Important then to set a time each day to find a comfortable chair, a set of headphones and 29 minutes. Once a day is key and not missing a day is also important to ensure continuity of the process. Otherwise you will need to start the day count again. So don’t miss, even if it’s midnight.

The format is firstly the relaxation process for a couple of minutes to set the brain wave patterns to “Alpha”. Then 5 or 6 messages repeated over and a conclusion message to awaken to go on with your day.

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