How to Quit Smoking Plan

My plan for you to quit smoking is a sure one.

But you need to plan the process, a daily one to re program your subconscious from smoker to non- smoker. 

You might imagine all the benefits you will enjoy when the job is done. I know this has not been your current reality as a regular smoker of sorts. They have been part of your day.

The only part of the planning will be for you to arrange 29 minutes each day for up to 14 days for you to listen to an audio recording of messages that will be used in a self-hypnosis process to set your mind to its new role.

Your Quit Smoking plan is as simple as that. Related image
 This works without any effort from you.

So when you activate your listening process each day, the way the brain wave pattens we all use, is our supporting team.

The brain waves are known as Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gama. They are like radio station waves. The Alpha waves are the ones we use, and are active when we are in a relaxed state, deliberately or like when you wake in the morning or just dropping off to sleep. The mind is best influenced then.

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How do we action the correct brain wave ?

The Non-Smoker program audio will relax you for a couple of minutes, then the messages repeated over, will re-program your subconscious mind as described.

I found that after 13 days, I went off to work, left the smokes at home and there was no prompt to light up and no feeling of desire for a cigarette. I was amazed, excited and thrilled at the result as that first day progressed.

The nicotine reaction had turned off too.

This occured via one of the reprogram messages in the audio program.

That was 30 years ago. Nothing since. I saved a fortune. And I know there’s no black tar effects in my lungs. That will take 6 months to 2 years to clean up by the body.

Better taste, breathing and mental alertness change in the first week or so.

Listen to the audio file daily and become a Non-Smoker

So your plan is, when you are ready, to get hold of this audio.

You will having nothing to lose except your old habit.

What do you think about this concept ?

What have you tried that worked or importantly didn’t work ?

Do you really want to quit ?

Let me know and I’ll guide you through this and any questions you have.


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