How to Quit Smoking Effectively, Starting Today

This is the time of year to make resolutions or goals with a fresh callender. We all do it. One of the biggies is to to quit smoking. And how to quit smoking effectively is key to our efforts. 

I know 70 % of smokers in the US want to quit.

Reasons: Save money, better health aspirations, general wellness and overcoming breathlessness when physically stressed.

You’ve been wanting to get around to an action and wonder which will be most effective. I found the first contributor to your success will be your decision to quit. 

There are many methods, from “cold turkey”, patches, doctor prescribed medications and hypnosis. Well without paying a specialist, “Self Hypnosis” is low cost and the payoff is huge financially.

Do you have to hypnotise yourself ?  No, not so practical, but you can quit smoking yourself this way.

If you accept my challenge, this is the process. For around $50 AUD or $36 USD, you can be a non smoker in 14 days or less.

After payment you will be given a 29 minute MP3 audio file download, which I will ask you to listen to in a quiet room, with headphones, once a day.

The first 2 minutes is a relaxation process, then 5 or 6 messages will repeat over,  and at the conclusion, you will “come up” to present time and go about your day or evening. Key is listen once a day.

The only will power involved is ensuring you listen each day. If its midnight still listen. If you miss a day, you may need to start over. If you fall asleep while listening that’s OK, the messages still go in.

Why the process works is in the relaxation process, your brain wave patterns are in the Alpha state, where suggestion is most effective.

Then when you feel ready, in my case, 13 days in, I left my smokes at home and went off to work. There was no prompt to light up or any physiological stress to reach for a smoke. I was amazed.  29 years later we are here. Now that was effective. No side effects either.

If you think you may eat more, that is addressed in the audio. By about day 3 your smokes wont taste so good, no problem. It’s working.

When I went through the process it cost about 22 packets of cigarettes. This offer is less than two packs.

Just your desire and some action on your part, you can effectively quit smoking this month.

 Go Here to be Non Smoker in 14 Days or Less





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14 thoughts on “How to Quit Smoking Effectively, Starting Today”

  1. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. The problem with smokers is their addictions toward it . I could remember i was once a terrible smoker, infact i went out of the church service because i wanted to smoke because i was addicted. smokers has to work on their addictions in order to stop smoking.

    1. Thank you Ola. Yes the addiction is the problem. Our solution here is easy. The only effort is to listen to the MP3 file once a day for up to 14 days. No side effects either. 

  2. I’ve been struggling in this area for many, many years. I hated all the options – patches, hypnosis, vape and cold turkey. This is something that I’ve never done before. I’m gonna give your program a try because I’m willing to try anything just to part with this nasty addiction. Cheers to better health!

    1. Well done Sheila. The only effort is to make sure you listen to the MP3 download audio once a day for up to 14 days. It’s relaxing anyway. No side effects either. Love to hear of your results.

  3. The dangers of smoking are real and the difficulty in quitting smoking is also real. I have never made use of any product before in order to try and quit smoking. I guess that might be the reason why this problem has been a burden for me. I might have to give this a try to see exactly how it goes.

    1. Well done Jay. The only effort is to listen to the MP3 audio downloan once a day for up to 14 days. Your smokes wont taste to good about day 3, one on the messages declares that. No side effects either. Just more money in your pocket.

  4. The process you describe on how to quit smoking effectively, starting today, sounds relatively painless. It also is rather enticing for the likes of me, a person who didn’t smoke until turning 18, quitting 8 years later and not smoking for 14 years, then starting again (very stupid move).

    Since restarting I have been smoking an additional 22 years now. So I have been smoking about half my life, and it is time to once again quit, this time for good. I will give this method a try, and also recommend others to have a look at this post to see if i can get one other friend to do it with me.

    Thanks and I wish all smokers the best of luck with quitting using your method or any method, smoking is just not good for anyone except the Government (taxes) and the tobacco companies… 

    1. Thank you Dave. Yes well worth it. This time for good eh. Life expectancy can extend 10 years possibly. That’s got to be worth it too. Let’s know your results. 

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. To quit smoking, a lot of determination has to be put in place, I have a friend willing to quit smoking but didn’t know where about to stop. I think this post will help him. I will bookmark this page and share with him. Thanks for the information. Best regards 

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes you can encourage a friend for sure. Love to hear their feed back. They will reckon you are a good friend too, as it’s a big win to quit.

  6. This method of quitting smoking sounds so good and I think I will have to give it to a friend of mine who has been smoking for so many years and has been finding it difficult to quit smoking. However, I will like to know which kind of smoking does it works best for.  Does it work on a person who takes Indian hemp? Or does it only work on someone who takes cigarettes? 

    1. Thank you for your question. I believe there’s a good possibility. Self hypnosis works this way. Study up all the info I’ve published on other posts on the site to clarify for yourself. Let’s know your results.

  7. This website sounds like you might have something to offer people who want to quit smoking. I sent your URL to my son who has smoked for 30+ years Not being a smoker I don’t fully understand the addiction, however, if it is anything like overcoming a sugar addiction I understand the concept. This is very informative information. How do you market your Tape?

    1. Hi Linda, thank you for your comment. The MP3 file is sent as a download by Gum road, an app in WordPress I found.
      They handle all payments etc via Paypal for me.
      The download is available immediately after payment.

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