Do Reformed Smokers Feel Good ?

It is our aim as humans to live for joy and happiness. One of the emotions a smoker participates in is tension relief, the intake of the nicotine drug, lowering stress.

When you go through the simple process I have to quit smoking I want to tell you the feeling of joy and happiness and I’ll add overwhelming exuberence as you realise you’ve done it.

The joy and happiness comes from many areas: Firstly your immediate monetary relief. And these days that is a biggie. In a few days your food will taste like it is supposed to, with much more flavour. Your breathing will improve over time as your lungs start to clear of the tar build up there.

If the doctor has encouraged (or warned) you over a health issue, you will be thrilled and proud of your efforts to enhance your future health when you quit.

Remember as a non-smoker via the Non-Smoker MP3 audio program, there are no side effects whatever. No prompt to light up, no tension in the body or shoulders.

Again the feeling of accomplishment, joyful thoughts and waves of happy emotions.

So when you think you will lose a friend, your comfort in the cigs, that’s not the case. No need for that fear to enter, there is pure joy to come.

I read 75% of smokers today want to quit, if they only knew it was going to feed in a powerful every-day emotion of pure joy and happiness, firstly in the experience and then the sense of accomplishment.

Now there is no effort on your part, the only effort is to ensure you listen to your 29 minute relaxing MP3 audio program once each day for up to 14 days.

So plan a day to start, pick a time, set up a comfortable chair, with some headphones and press play. The process will relax your mind over a minute or so, induce the relaxing alpha waves in your brain wave status, where repeated suggestion is most effective. Then listen as 5 messages repeat over and over to reprogram your subconscious mind from smoker to non-smoker.

Listen to the audio file daily and become a Non-Smoker

Simply click through to the order area, decide you are going to become a non-smoker, pay via Paypal or credit card around $50 AUD or $35 USD, click the MP3 file to down load and you have it.

At the conclusion, the speaker will bring you “up” out of the relaxed state to go on with your day or evening.

If you miss a day you will need to start over, so even if it’s midnight get it done. Because its relaxing, on occasion you may fall asleep. That’s OK the messages still “go in”.

Are you ready ? Why not. You only have joy and happiness to look forward to.

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