Why Quit Smoking?

Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer in the USA and one in every 5 deaths from heart disease.

We know there are many others, but firstly consider that the diseases caused by smoking harm almost every organ in the body. Passive smoking or your exposure to regular cigarette smoke contributes to 42000 deaths in the US from Heart disease and 1 in 5 deaths from lung cancer.

Statistics show that a smoker is likely to live 10 years less that a non-smoker

Smoking contributes to the respiratory diseases, Emphysema and chronic Bronchitis

Stroke: the smoker’s blood is likely to be thicker and likely to clot

Smoking is a contributor to 1 in 5 deaths in the US, yet 42 million Americans continue to smoke.

If the nasty diseases don’t concern you, smokers can have inefficient immune systems and attract more general illnesses.

A smoker’s arteries have increased levels of plaque interfering with blood flow causing many issues including erectile dysfunction. Pregnant women have increased issues from smoking that may affect their babies. Cervical cancer deaths are doubled in the case of women smokers.

Interesting just quitting for one day can begin the turn around.

In fact give me just 14 days (or less) and if you really want to quit smoking, my Non-Smoker MP3 audio file will give you every chance. There are no side effects whatever. It is a 29 minute audio file you simply listen to once a day.

Listen to the audio file daily and become a Non-Smoker. You may keep smoking along the way, but by day 3 they will not taste the best. On about day 12 or when you feel ready, leave your smokes at home and go about your daily routines. You will find no prompt to light up and no desire to have a smoke.

The nicotine whilst a drug is also a “body habit” and in 3 days there’s no call for the nicotine. But know that the re-programming of your subconscious with this self-hypnosis technique processes out the nicotine message too.

Now in a year cigarette smoking can cost on average around the world about $1900. This program is charged at $50 AUD, or $36 roughly USD. You will agree a great investment.

Take a look at the link and if you are ready proceed to a Paypal or card payment and receive your download.

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