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One daunting aspect of getting on line with your message, your interest, your product or business is how and how much and where to start.

For most aiming to start this journey with limited funds or very little, is the key I want to tell you about.

In searching for help in this area and dodging those wanting to get into your pocket or bank quickly tend to scare us off. But if you keep on searching there’s a fair chance you’ll arrive at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing or training University has over 1 million members and free to join and get the feel of the place before progressing further.

Then there’s a modest level to progress through, heaps of training modules so you can build a website of your own and then learn to post your story, product or business and learn to market. All at your own pace. I find that a no pressure aspect allowing everyone to grow their experience and online skills.

Best is to take a look here. Love to help you further, but the mass of free trainers and information I couldn’t find any where. In fact I dont thing there’s anything quite like Wealthy Affiliate.

Check my site and product idea to see what a humble guy created so far. Click on the Wealthy Affiliate link too. is  my “Quit Smoking” product. Take a look.


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