I Can Show you how to Save $400 plus per month

Its challenging when thinking up ways to stretch the family budget.

Saving money for special goals, a holiday, money for a car or a deposit on a new home, are all worthwhile purposes that motivate.

But to dig down into your spending to find ways to afford more for the rent, mortgage, power bills, clothes and education expenses and the all important food can be challenging.

Not for all, I am just addressing you if you’re a smoker with the desire to save the money for more worthwhile purposes by quitting the cigarettes.

If packs in your country are around $25 and you smoke say 4 packs a week, there’s  over $400 a month to be saved. You might have your other spending managed so this saving could fund the buying of a nice new car.

A  rewarding goal.

My Non-Smoker Program, an MP3 audio file, when you listen to once a day, will allow you to quit the smokes in 14 days or less.

The process uses natural mental programs that established the habit in the first place, but in reverse. You learned the habit by repetition assisted by the drug nicatine.  Normal habits establish in 21 days or so by repeating an action daily.

We’re going to reprogram your subconscious mind in 14 days or less by listening to a 29 minute audio once a day.

The best brain wave patten that is the most inflenceable to suggestion is the Alpha waves state. These are present naturally when you just awake in the morning or when you are about to fall asleep.

Your audio file will put you into that relaxed state during the first 2 minutes of your listening. Then there are five messages repeated over and over reprograming the mind from a smoker to a non smoker.

At the conclusion, the words spoken will bring you back to a fully awake state.

If you fall asleep in the process, dont worry the messages will still ‘get in”.

Listen to the audio file daily and become a Non-Smoker

A big tip is to ensure you listen once a day, even if its midnight. Missing a day means you would need to start over at day one.

If you are ready to go this path and look forward to saving the money on your habit and heading towards a healthier existance and probably longer life as we know, take a look below.

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