The Steps to Quit Smoking in 14 Days or Less

The clear steps from the information on giving up smoking easily is below:

  1. Order your MP3 Audio file below, clicking through to the order page using Paypal.
  2. After receiving your audio, plan the times each day to listen to it. You should get somewhere private away from others, in a comfortable chair, Use a set of headphones into your device where you play the Non-Smoker Program messages.
  3. The first few minutes puts you into a relaxed state, then there will be 5 messages repeated over to reprogram your subconscious mind. At the conclusion the process will bring you up out of the relaxed state ready for the rest of your day.
  4. It is important to listen once each day. If you miss a day you will need to start over. Even if it’s midnight get the listening done.
  5. By day 3 your smokes will taste pretty aweful.
  6. When you decide, day 10, 12 or 14, leave your smokes at home and set about your day. You will find that the command to light up will not come. Your physical need for a smoke will not prompt.
  7. Most importantly you will need to have decided to do this program and become a non-smoker. The effort needed is not to quit though, but the effort is to make sure you listen each day. The audio runs 29 minutes. If sometimes you fall asleep during the messages, that’s OK, the information is still “heard” by the subconscious. It is after all a relaxed state you listen in.
  8. Here’s the link below:
Quit Smoking Questions Link
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