Do You Put on Weight when you Quit Smoking

The question of eating more after becoming a Non-Smoker is often thought by those considering this healthy strategy. I thought about that too. With idle hands I guess and perhaps searching mentally for new nice feeling actions.

There is a chance for sure. So in the reprogramming your subconscious mind as a non smoker and the process to also cover the nicotine dependency, we address the extra eating concept and reprogram that out too. Simple, while we’re at at.

One of the reprogramming messages on your Non-Smoker MP3 program adresses this topic head-on, and the issue will not arise ahead.

The whole process when you receive your product and begin listening once a day for up to 14 days will put you in a relaxed state for a few minutes and then repeats over a series of 5 messages in that  influencing state to reprogram your deep-down thinking library.

There will be no side effects and not any will-power-type effort on your part to quit, just the one to ensure you listen once a day. If you miss a day you will need to start over, so even if its midnight, get the job done.



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