How it all began

I found becoming a non-smoker was the best thing I ever did. A challenging thought, but we all think about it sometimes. When the money is short is an easy one, but smokes cost a lot these days.

29 years ago when a pack of cigarettes was $1.13, I decided the budget wouldn’t cover everything with a young family and all the associated costs. I discovered by accident in a magazine at the time and little advert to discover a way to become a non-smoker in a couple of weeks by listening to a tape each day. The investment then was a “risky” $25 or about 20 packs of smokes. I went for it and the result was amazing. I couldn’t believe my day to day routines did not require a smoke. No signals to have one and no withdrawal symptoms whatever.

One year later after working with the 14 days of self hypnosis method, I created many of my own to programs to achieve other goals I was seeking.

Then the idea to help others with the method evolved, a master tape was created at a recording studio as a result after much research. Attracted a good voice for my words and began to market. Now the system isn’t tape or even CD but on an MP3 audio file.

In all those 29 years I haven’t smoked. We fix both issues with this process: the habit and the nicotine dependency.

More money in the bank for other uses, much better health and longer living a big possibility.

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