Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

What I found the very first thing was my mind was free to focus on other things. Next a few days later my food tasted better and so I enjoyed everything I ate, especially the otherwise subtle flavors.

Although many drink tea with milk I had shifted to black tea one day when the office ran out of milk and the idea stayed. Then I could taste “tea” for what it was and all the flavors of different brands.

Breathing improved too as you would expect. I believe it takes 6 months to start to break down that black stuff, (the tar) in our lungs after you stop smoking. That’s a big benefit we can’t see.

My weekly budget immediately improved and I was not stressed by that expense. Many these days will save $150 to $200 each week by becoming a non smoker. That’s a nice car payment.

I know too that my general health will sustain me for more years as research confirms to us all on Heart disease and other issues that can shorten life for many.

Keep reading these posts for the tips I share for quitting the smokes. Get inspired and the rest is easy. Your decision. But you are here looking, so keep at it.

Our method with our Non-Smoker Program I reckon is the best way to give up smoking. But which ever method you use, stay with it and enjoy all the above and more benefits to giving up smoking.

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