Life without Smoking

Restore your Health….and Bank Account

To Quit Smoking, is a popular trend now, but still challenging, as human beings have choices. And the result of some of them, that have become habit, are of course hard to change.

If we had to deliberately think through each separate action every day it would take many times longer and be hard work, even for basic activities.

So the repeated activity-habit-process was there to make basic actions seem “automatic”. Like driving the car and other skills we evolve from practice.

Most are positive actions but some are not and lead to unhealthy activities or themes which in the long term cause us harm.

This is partly why giving up smoking is a challenge but when assisted by the drug nicotine the job is harder.

But I found both are mental memories, and so can be re-programmed.

We can achieve what ever we want in life if we can stay focused on it for enough time for it to take hold in the subconscious.

Here our Non-Smoker MP3 audio file takes over. Simply arrange to listen to the audio once a day for up to 14 days and the process and messages do all the work. The only effort is to arrange to do the listening.

How it Works:

Our brains operate in various waves like signals from radio stations. Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta brainwave states. The Alpha waves are evident when we relax, like just as before we drop off to sleep or when we we awaken. This state allows for influencing with repeated messages. The audio file when played will put you in that relaxed state in a few minutes and 5 or 6 messages are repeated over so that the point is cemented in. Over 14 days reprogramming is complete.

You can still smoke during this period, but they wont taste as good after 3 days or so.

Key is don’t miss a day or you will need to start over. Even if it’s midnight, get it done. Your future health (and finances) are at stake.

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