It’s Easy to Quit Smoking

Once you’ve decided to quit smoking, what’s next ? 

There are many methods, some really cheap, like going “cold turkey” as they say with sheer will power.

Others take some investment in doctors prescriptions and some patience, while it “works”. Others with patches and some patience, maintaining all the while to stay on point. To become a non-smoker.

Our method requires the desire firstly like the others, then a modest investment of 2 packs of smokes in the western world.

Next you’ll receive a 29 minute audio file to listen to, in a comfortable chair with headphones ideally to prevent distractions. Follow this process each day for up to 2 weeks.

The audio simply puts you in a relaxed position, (when the “Alpha Brain Wave State” is activated)  for a couple of minutes. Then there are 5 messages repeated over and over during the next 20 minutes and a minute or so to come up into the active state again.

In this relaxed state we created, the subconscious mind can be easily influenced.  Key is don’t miss a day or you will need to start over. Even if it’s midnight get it done. Occasionally you will fall asleep part way through, that’s ok, the messages still get in.

After 10-14 days you can decide to not take your pack on your daily activities.

There will be no “command” as before to light up and no withdrawal symptoms either. The habit is programmed out and the nicotine memory as well.

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