A Non-Smoker in 14 Days …. or less

by Ken Shaddock

I am here to help you quit Smoking. With this process, our Non-Smoker MP3 Program, you will have an audio file you listen to once a day to become a non-smoker. It will take 14 days or less of listening to the re-programming messages daily. And the biggie. With no withdrawal symptoms or side effects whatever.

We use the brain’s natural Alpha Waves, those that are active more just as you drop off to sleep or awake in the morning. That half awake-half asleep state is the best brain wave state influenceable by repeated suggestion. Your Non-Smoker audio will put you in that state in a few minutes, then repeat over several messages to re-program your subconscious.

It’s a relaxing process in itself. You may fall asleep, so only listen say with headphones on for focus in a comfortable chair. If you fall asleep the messages still go in.  One key, don’t miss a day or you’ll need to start over. Even if its midnight, get it done.

Listen to the audio file daily and become a Non-Smoker

The results are amazing and you will come to realize how our minds work. I’m a non-smoker 29 years, so it works and there was no effort, except the effort to do the listening.

You will get access to our Non-Smoker MP3file, a 29 minute audio file. By listening once a day, say over 14 days, just a seven hour life-time sacrifice to produce the rest of your life in better health, and know that there’s probably more years to spend with your loved ones.

You will find:

  1. Your food will taste better
  2. Your breath will not be smokey
  3. Your clothes will not smell like before
  4. And your household budget will dramatically improve
  5. More money in your bank for other healthy joys of life
  6. Discover how to achieve break-thru’s in overcoming other habits

We can achieve anything in life we desire if we can focus on it long enough, this program allows the daily focus to Quit Smoking to work.

If You feel ready to Quit, Go Here:

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