Quit Smoking in 14 Days or Less

Why its easy to give up smoking

I was a 20-year-smoker from a young age and had reached that place where affording to continue purchasing smokes was not going to work with my weekly expenses and family commitments. They were $1.13 per packet back then.

I am now a non-smoker since 1989.

When I look at the costs now I am sure many more would love to save the $$$.

The other benefit was of course my health. My food tasted better, my clothes didn’t smell of cigarette smoke, our home had cleaner air. Also I was free to go about my day without making sure my pack was always close at hand.

Now, that being said how do we go about this. There are many ways you’ve seen from patches to place on your skin to attempt to feed nicotine in lower doses, giving the feeling of lower desire. Many have used that method successfully. There are tablets prescribed by a doctor to assist over several weeks or longer. There are hypnotism courses which work too. Then good old fashioned will power. Give up “cold turkey” as they say. Much determination there.

There are two aspects to overcome whichever method you choose. One is the habit you have developed and as we know that feeds itself. And the second is the nicotine drug.

Any habit takes about 21 days to establish, doing that same thing daily will lock it into place, where on day 22 its harder to stop it than to continue.

The other aspect is the body’s nicotene dependency. That one is hard to understand.

I do know the dependency can close down in just 3 days or so. The habit is the longer challenge.

 Lets fix both at the same time.

We have the sollution to both with no side effects, no going back and one of the most beautiful overcoming emotions a human being can experience.

We say you can be a non-smoker in 14 days or less. With a simple process taking 30 minutes each day. Firstly I want you to bring to this exercise, your desire to become a non-smoker. Then our program will work for you.

WHY this will work for you:

Our brains have wave levels. Let’s learn a little here so you know this will work.

At the base of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors is the communication between brain sectors. Brain waves are produced by electrical pulses across the entire brain.

Brain waves: There are five key brain waves that effect our varied conscious  experienes with different band widths, like radio stations. These waves change throughout the day. What we do, think and feel will somewhat alter the patterns. Also as we sleep.

Delta waves, the slowest are active when we are in the deepest part of our sleep.

Theta waves occur in deep sleep and some very deep meditation.

Alpha waves: Found when we are very relaxed when we aren’t actively thinking like in meditation.  And whilst dropping off to sleep or just after waking.

Beta waves  Are active during our waking states, especially when thinking and acting out activities and  when we create.

When Alpha waves are activated, there is the opportunity to influence the brain by repetitious instruction.

You will be aware that just as you drop off to sleep and again upon waking, the alpha waves are most prevelent naturally.

Our process will activate them to a high level in a relaxation process on a recording you can listen to each day. Once the few minutes in the relaxation process takes place you will be influenced by a few messages repeated over and over.

And concluding your daily session, “coming up” out of this state at the end.

The program requires the MP3 audio file “Non-Smoker Program” be listened to once a day for up to 14 days.

This is a relaxing process in itself. Listen to the audio file daily and become a Non-SmokerAfter my own personal experience, I put my smokes “on the frige” on day 13 to test it out. I could not believe there was no command to light up at those key times, especially after a meal and every other time I usually triggered. That’s now over 28 years ago.

One secret  “no sneaking one” that would open the door again.

I found this process wonderful and and went on to create other goals along the same lines and achieved 100% there too. It is revealing too to get a grasp on why we do things  and how the brain can support us in all we do.

Now, for your Non-Smoker Program MP3 audio file, the investment, about the cost of 2 packs of smokes, for a life time pointing to better health. To check out your next step, follow the link.

Now you can be a Non-Smoker  and as you are aware possibly extend your life.  

If You’re ready to Give Up Easy, Go Here:

Quit Smoking Questions Link
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